5 Things to Look Out for in Android Nougat

Every year, Google releases another major version of its popular Android mobile phone operating system.

This year, the company is set to release Android Nougat anytime soon and with it come a slew of features that you may want.

In today’s article, I will be talking about the 5 features that you need to look out for in Android Nougat.

1. Quick Switch. Android is a very good operating system because it allows you to run as many apps as you want (as long as your phone’s RAM can carry the load). The problem here is that it can be a cumbersome process to go to your different loaded apps. With the Android Nougat, there is a new feature called “Quick Switch” which allows you to quickly go to your recently viewed app. For example, suppose you’ve accidentally hit the home button and you were browsing Facebook before that happened, you can just double tap the “recents” button and it will instantly bring back the Facebook App.

2. New and Improved UI. The Android Lollipop and Android Marshmallow are quite similar when it comes to their user-interface. They all sport the new Material Design interface, and although it looks clean, it would’ve been better if the Android Marshmallow was a bit more polished. Enter the Android Nougat’s user interface. The UI of the new and upcoming operating system has been improved manifold. By default, you can access important functions of your mobile phone with a quick swipe from the top of the screen. This can be configured in the settings menu so that you can tweak it to your liking. Furthermore, the notifications have been improved as well. Gone are the days where the notification inhibits you from doing what it is that you want to do (since most of them take up the majority of the phone’s screen).

3. Vulkan. Vulkan is a new API that replaces the now outdated OpenGL platform. In fact, the Vulkan API is not only more optimized in graphically-intensive applications but it is also known to be more power-efficient compared to OpenGL. Since VR gaming will become mainstream this year and in the years to come, Vulkan support will let you enjoy VR gaming even more.

4. New Messaging and Video Calling App. The Android Nougat operating system will also be using new default apps. Allo will be replacing the messaging app. This is a much more powerful messaging app as the popular Google search feature is embedded within the app. A new video calling app called “Duo” will also be added. This app is akin to the iPhone’s “Facetime” feature.

5. Better Optimization for Low-End Phones. There are a lot of budget-friendly phones out there and Google knows this. That is why the Android Nougat has been rigorously optimized so that even low-end mobile phones can enjoy the new Google mobile phone operating system.

Android Nougat brings with it powerful and amazing features that will surely entice Android mobile phone users.

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