Earthworm Jim 2

The Super Nintendo console has many great games in its roster. One of those games is Earthworm Jim 2.

Earthworm Jim 2 is a platform shooting game that has amassed a lot of fans because of its fun gameplay and a good storyline.

The purpose of the game, really, is just to use Earthworm Jim, traverse to its many levels, kill all the bad guys, and rescue the princess and go home.

Earthworm Jim is an intelligent Earthworm who has built a suit that he can use to save the princess. You can have a variety of guns at your disposal, though, some of these guns can only be acquired while progressing through the different levels of the game.

This game, for the most part, is a run and gun platform shooting game but it also adds new game mechanics in certain levels. For example, you should use different guns in order to advance to a certain level; or use Jim’s friend, Snot, to provide green surfaces for Jim to walk on to, or you can also use Snot to become a parachute to help Jim land safely when jumping from a longer distance.

There are also other levels that deviate from the normal mechanics of the game. For example, in the third level called “The Villi People”, Jim must don a cave salamander costume in order for him to travel the intestinal passages. Jim must also avoid any obstacle that comes in his way so that the player can successfully complete the level.

In another level titled the “Inflated Head”, Jim’s head is inflated like a balloon which allows him to float. During the course of the entire level, players must navigate Jim away from sharp objects, as touching those objects would break Jim and players will fail the level if they do.

One last interesting level in the game is called the Flying King. This turns the game’s interface into an isometric shooting game where Jim will use his pocket rocket to traverse the level. Jim must carry a special balloon with a bomb inside in order to defeat the boss of the level, Major Mucus.

The last level of the game does not use the ordinary game mechanics, but rather, Jim must race against Psy-Crow in order for Jim to save the princess. After beating Psy-Crow in the obstacle course, Jim then successfully rescues the princess.

The game was highly praised by fans and critics alike because of its enjoyable gameplay and robust game mechanics in other levels. This game is never boring as it incorporates different game elements during Earthworm Jim’s entire adventure to rescue the princess.

This game is one of the most popular games for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, and because of its popularity, game developers have ported this game to a variety of different gaming platforms.

If you have a Super Nintendo Entertainment System, may it be the physical console or an emulator, you’ve got to try Earthworm Jim. Trust me, this game will get you glued to your seats while playing it!