Nintendo 3DS consoles

Many people enjoy playing video games. The Nintendo 3ds is a portable gaming system and can be taken on the go. The 3ds is has a larger screen then past ds models and has some great 3 dimensional effects during game play. A person will not need the use of special 3d classes to see the effects or the way the characters appear to jump out of the game. 

The Nintendo 3ds has advanced features and a player can do more then just play their game. The 3ds comes in many different colors including blue, white, and pink. It has a memory card that is removable. This way a player does not have to lose their place in a game and they are able to continue where they previously left off. The ds is also able to access the internet. When a player is taking a break from their game they are able to surf the web Linker 3ds officiel.

Nintendo has made the 3ds really stand out for the other portable gaming devices. The screen is LCD so the player can have the best graphics and colors. There are speaks as well as a microphone. The 3ds also has a camera. A player can make their own videos and communicate with others over the internet. The 3ds is able to connect using a wifi connection and will pick up the internet signal wherever it is available. There is a ac adaptor so when a player is one with the 3ds they can plug it in and have it charged for the next time they are ready to use it. There are games that everyone can play on this system. There are fun leaning games for children and all the top action games for teenagers and adults. The Nintendo 3ds offers hours of entertainment at home or on the go.