The New Legend of Zelda Game Looks Promising

Man, the E3 2016 event has so many surprises in store for gamers. Yesterday, Nintendo released a gameplay footage of their upcoming Legend of Zelda title that is slated to be released on the Nintendo Wii U and the upcoming Nintendo NX game consoles.

The graphics of the game is a vast improvement. I’ve played 10 of the 18 Legend of Zelda games and I’ve also played with some of the recent ones. The graphics are just amazing. As I’ve said in a previous article, the graphics is a cross between cell-shaded visuals and 3D graphics.

Also, there seems to be more focus on the technology rather than magic. Die-hard fans can tell because most of the Legend of Zelda games before put more emphasis on magic rather than the innovation.

The new Legend of Zelda game was supposed to be released last year, and then it was pushed to this year until Nintendo finally said that the game will be spearheading the Nintendo NX game console release.

Speaking of the Nintendo NX, the gameplay footage that was shown at the E3 2016 event was actually footage from the Nintendo Wii U version. Although it does have spectacular visuals, a Nintendo NX glimpse would’ve been nicer.

This new Legend of Zelda game could really be the saving grace of the company. The Legend of Zelda games are one of the faces of the company and fans have been clamoring for a new game.

As you can remember, Nintendo has been suffering from huge market losses. The original Nintendo Wii garnered massive success and the entertainment company went on to produce its successor, the Nintendo Wii U.

Unfortunately, not a lot of people bought the Nintendo Wii U because it lacked the games that people would’ve been excited for on its launch.

Nintendo probably learned from this mistake and they’re now ready to release the Legend of Zelda along with the upcoming Nintendo NX game console.

So just to cap it off, the new Legend of Zelda game is really amazing. Visually, fans are in for a treat; story-wise, that remains to be seen. But after watching the footage, I can already tell that the new game will be a smash hit.

In other news, Nintendo will not disclose any information about the upcoming Nintendo NX game console in the E3 2016 event.

I think that is because they are still finalizing the game console or they might have some other plans for the NX.

As a Nintendo fan, I really hope that the entertainment company will become prominent again. Nowadays, people do not know much about Nintendo because of their lackluster performance and their poor market sales.

I am positive that this new Legend of Zelda game and a host of other games that will be released on the launch of the Nintendo NX, will help make Nintendo well-known again.

There is probably some more news in the closing moments of the E3 2016 event. Don’t worry, I will keep you posted.